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Do you create custom shelf brackets?
Yes! We are happy to work with you to create brackets custom fit for your shelving project. Our brackets are oversized by ⅛” to allow for any imperfections in the wood or wall. To order, simply choose the next size up you’d need and leave a note upon checkout with the specific dimensions of your wood shelf.

To order:
Custom Metal Shelf Brackets

Does wood come with the steel brackets?
Right now, we are offering our steel brackets without the wood shelf. This allows you to use your own shelves, reclaimed barn wood, or standard lumber from your local home improvement store.

In fact, many of the shelves shown in our photos use standard 2x6” wood from Home Depot with our favorite wood stain, MinWax in Jacobean.

How much can the shelf brackets hold?
When installed correctly, our brackets can hold at least 75 lbs. Our brackets including mounting instructions as well as lag bolts for heavy loads.

How many metal brackets do I need?
Great question. You will need one on each end of the shelf and we recommend adding another one for every 32” of shelving.

QUANTITY OF BRACKETS: For strength and safety, we suggest using the following guidelines:

0”-36” =     2 Brackets

37”-68” =   3 Brackets

69”-100”=  4 Brackets

101”-132”=5 Brackets

133”-164”=6 Brackets

Can you rush the shelving brackets to me?
Yes! We know what it’s like to need to get a job done in a hurry. We are happy to work overtime to get your order shipped out in ONE day. (Please notes, Saturday orders will ship out Monday morning).

To rush your order, please send us a message and we'll issue an invoice for the $40 rush fee. 

All orders are shipped through Priority Shipping which is typically only 1-3 days.

What is the lead time for your metal brackets?
We work hard here at Cascade Iron Co. to get orders out as soon as possible. Typically, we ship out orders within 3 days, though larger orders may take a few more. If you take a look at our reviews, you’ll see that quick turnaround and customer service is something we take pride in.

Do you have an Etsy shop?  Yep, you can visit us on Etsy too, Cascade Iron Co.

Can I return these shelf brackets, I made a mistake in measuring them?
Each order is different, but in most cases we do accept returns. PLEASE note that we ask you to contact us ahead time for return instructions and you’ll need to assume the return shipping charges.

Of course, if we made a mistake with your order we will gladly replace it.